If you’re a dog or cat owner in the Antigo area, bring your pet to us for some professional pampering at Wag Inn Boarding & Grooming! We offer a full range of pet grooming services for dogs and cats of all sizes. Our in-house groomer is a pro with many years of experience in animal behavior and low-stress pet pampering.

Benefits of Wag Inn Grooming Services

A grooming session offers much more than just the benefit of making your pet look and smell better. Our pets have natural oils in their fur that keep it looking clean and healthy — so long as their fur doesn’t get matted and clumped up. Regular brushing and grooming are good for your pet’s coat!

Nail trimming from a professional groomer can prevent chiropractic and joint problems in pets, which develop over time if their nails aren’t kept short. Excess hair that grows around your pet’s face, paws, and eyes can accumulate dirt.

This can lead to skin or eye irritation, or even an infection in a worst-case scenario. All of these problems can be prevented by bringing your pet in for a “spaw” treatment with us!

Regular vs. Medicated Baths

A regular bath is just what it sounds like. Your dog or cat’s grooming session will involve a formulated pet shampoo to give them a wash.

Medicated baths are more specialized for pets that may have a health condition you’re dealing with. Pets with skin allergies, fleas, seborrhea or other itchy skin problems will benefit from a medicated bath. The shampoo used for a medicated bath is soothing to the skin, and will hopefully make your pet feel better. Relief from itching is always a good thing!

Pet Grooming Services We Provide

Our regular “spaw” services for dogs include:

  • Regular or medicated bath
  • Brush-out
  • Breed-specific haircuts
  • Nail trim
  • Anal gland expression
  • We offer bathing and a coat clip for cats, which can be with or without sedation (some kitties really hate bath time!).

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Additional services can include teeth brushing, nail dremmel or even nail polish (just ask!).

Call Us for Your Next “Spaw” Appointment!
Our pet grooming services are available by appointment during regular Monday through Friday business hours. Your pet will look and feel better after their next “spaw” session at Wag Inn Boarding & Grooming! You can also schedule a pet grooming treatment with a regular veterinary appointment, and then simply drop your pet off with us.

Call our office at (715) 623-4116 today to learn more or reschedule an appointment.